Inlaid with a diamond model 116244 is prepared for the ladies rolex watches

Mies watch is prepared specifically for the lady of a table class, where it has a lot of women like Rolex. Ms. Rolex watches models Rolex rolex watch models 116,244 models are specifically prepared for the Mies. Certification: COSC certified, replica watches uk size: 36mm, material: white gold and steel, outer: set with diamonds, appearance: pink red flower, strap: souvenir strap with crown buckle, movement: Waterproof: waterproof 100 meters / 330 feet, glass: blue crystal, model: 116244 crown achievements, permanent value, French champion Li Na endorsement, very rich woman charm, can be accompanied by Mies to various places, noble and elegant, 52 Perfect cutting diamonds, bright dazzling.

rolex replica spokesperson Li Na is a respected athletes, the investigation of this women's watch from her beginning, endorsement of Rolex rolex female form 116244 models how to? Great weight, Mother's Day has arrived, I hope the mother preferences! Married 10 anniversary, gave his wife's souvenir gift! She constantly blame me, marry for a long time do not know the romantic, and this she was impressed! In 1945, with the new prosperity is to drive the beginning, exit the diary-type series, the first diary has been equipped with waterproof function, with a stay-type design, the appearance also has a calendar display. In the replica watches early diary-type watch calendar display, will begin a few hours before midnight conversion.

And later in 1955 style, is equipped with a timely calendar jump color, and the appearance of the window is equipped with a small window convex lens, the calendar display expanded 2.5 times.