Rolex elegant style Oyster Perpetual Watch new rose gold set with diamonds

The new oyster-style constant action yacht-master's appearance is blue, is an outstanding sailing brand watches. The new oyster-style constant datejust has a diameter of 36mm 18ct permanent rose gold case, black exterior decorated with modern style ornamentation, set with 262 diamonds, to create a light and shadow-like contrast; watch the outer ring inlay There are 60 square diamonds, next to the surface with 120 diamonds. replica watches uk self-forging 18ct permanent rose gold, participated in a few rare metals in the most distinguished platinum, the release of a common luster.

2012 New Oyster Perpetual Cosmos Model Daytona has been a legendary inventor since 1963. In the 2012 Basel Watch Fair, Rolex with its unique technology to bring us surprise watches: rolex replica Rainbow Daytona. The cosmopolitan Daytona is made in 18ct gold and has an outer ring studded with rainbow colored gemstones. These jewels sparkle with gorgeous colors such as red, orange, green, and blue-violet, as well as the changing colors of the sky. Rolex carefully selected small and exquisite gemstones, and the combination of inlaid together for the watch to pay a strange glory. Lugs, shoulder pads and hour markers are inlaid with precious stones, together highlight the attractive features of this Daytona. Exclusive gold (goldcrystals) chronograph disc Jin Jing timing plate with a black dial to create a glamorous contrast, and the color of the gem embraced each other. These common timing discs are made of 18ct gold alloy, forged by Rolex in their own forging plant.

Attractive reflective results and beautiful colors show the graceful structure of gold crystals. Oyster Case - excellent waterproof constant action rolex replica means cosmic meter Daytona 40 mm Oyster case, to ensure waterproof 100 meters, is the perfect proportion and elegant style of the model. The common mid-range case is forged in solid 18ct solid gold. Bottom cover through the Rolex watch special tightening things, so that the case is completely sealed. On the chain crown with a patented three-lock waterproof lock system, and access to the protection of the crown shoulder pads, and timing buttons, tightly tightened on the case. Mirror Zeyi scratch-resistant blue crystal glass manufacturing. Completely sealed universe-type Daytona Oyster case gives the best movement of the best protection. 4130 movement - advanced fine timepiece cosmometer-type Daytona entirely by the Rolex self-developed 4130 initiative on the chain of mechanical mechanical core. Like all constant core, like the core, 4130-type movement has also been made when the official recognition of certification. The certification issued specifically to the success of Swiss precision timepiece test (cosc) detection of precision watches. The structure of this movement and all oyster-like movement, are accurate and reliable. Function and peace of the oyster-style insurance buckle This cosmic-type Daytona Oyster strap made of 18ct gold, equipped with a safe to avoid accidentally open Oyster insurance buckle. This elegant solid chain strap developed by the Rolex and patented, comfortable to wear, the operation is also very simple.